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QUADS 2009 Double Bill

Curtain Up! (Photos)

Wed 18th/Thurs 19th/Fri 20th/Sat 21st November 2009
Mon 23rd/Wed 25th/Thurs 26th/Sat 28th November 2009

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Curtain Up!

Based on the author Peter Quilter's earlier Respecting Your Piers, Curtain Up! is the hilarious story of five women who inherit equal shares in a dilapidated theatre and plan to bring it back to life again. They try various fund-raising schemes but their most ambitious is to hold a concert featuring local talent and a world-famous star, who agrees to appear for no fee! However, their plans go awry and it's a race to keep their audience from guessing the truth of the matter. A fast-paced and very funny comedy with five great roles for women.

Rehearsal for Curtain Up! (photos courtesy of www.josephwilemanphotography.co.uk)

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