Committee 2023/24

The Quads Committee 2023/24

Elected 13th July 2023


Chairperson - Deborah Simpson

Secretary - Cheryl Roberts

Treasurer - Susan Green

Commitee Members:

Robert Snell 

Sonia Hardy

Isabel Lamb

Mags Hutt

Rachel Nicholls

Election of officers and committee members usually takes place at our AGM. If you are interested in joining the committee, or finding out more about what is involved, please contact

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the AGM held on 13th July 2023

Minutes of Quarndon Amateur Dramatic Society
Annual General Meeting

13th July 2023 8.00pm Quarndon Church Hall

Present: Max Roberts, Sonia Hardy, Rachel Nicholls, Mags Hutt, Debs Simpson,
Sue Harrison, Cheryl Roberts.

1. Apologies for Absence

Richard Whitehorn, Samantha Drake, Sarah Pitt, Clare Snape, John Elliott,
Maureen Tierney, Rob Snell, Keith Parker, Vithi Dewan.

2. Minutes of last meeting 21 June 2022

These were agreed as a true record

3. Matters Arising

Leni was thanked in her absence for all her work charitable status at the
previous meeting; further developments are not envisaged at this stage.

There had not been further contact with Tim Booth regarding sharing of
resources between societies. However, this has taken place irrespective,
for example with the Watson Players lending costumes for A Chorus of

4. Chairman¹s Report

Debs read the report, highlighting:

· 2 highly successful and profitable productions, ŒOne Night in
Lockdown¹ written and directed by Clare Snape, and ŒA Chorus of
Disapproval¹ directed by Isabel Lamb.

· Various social events including regular play readings including two of
member Lily Gornall¹s own plays, a Quiz, Wreath Making and social meals.

· Rising costs (hall hire) and steps to save money

· Many new members

· Max and Clare stepping down from the Committee.

· Eagle Awards ­ 3 nominations for ŒOne Night in Lockdown¹, for Best
Production of a Play; Best Performance in a Play (Richard Whitehorn); and
Outstanding Achievement (Clare Snape for writing the play.) Additionally,
Sonia was nominated for Best Performance in a Play with another society.

5. Treasurer¹s Report

Sue shared the annual accounts. Both productions made a profit of over £800
each partly thanks to prudent management of Hall hire and increased
membership. In the case of ŒLockdown¹, costs were particularly low,
offsetting the reduced seats due to being in the round.

Subs are now due of £15 bank transfer SC 05-04-07 A/C 45038163

Sue highlighted the need for ongoing prudence in the management of funds,
and for further fundraising activity.

6. Election of Officers and Committee

Max and Clare are stepping down from the Committee. Warmest thanks are
recorded to both for their years of service on the Committee; we are most
grateful for their continued interest and involvement.

The remaining 6 Committee members agreed to stand again, and were proposed
and seconded. Mags Hutt and Rachel Nicholls volunteered to serve on the
Committee to bring the Committee to the full complement of 8: they were
proposed and seconded and welcomed to the Committee.

The 23/24 Committee is:

Chairman: Debs Simpson

Treasurer: Sue Harrison
Secretary: Cheryl Roberts
Sonia Hardy
Isabel Lamb
Rob Snell
Mags Hutt
Rachel Nicholls

7. Directors¹ Reports

On Clare¹s behalf, Debs reported on the successful self-penned ŒOne Night in
Lockdown¹, which was performed in the round with a cast of three. Izzy spoke
about ŒA Chorus of Disapproval¹, which was wonderfully received, and of the
great cast and support from the Society received. Casting a play with a
cast of 13 including 7 men was a particular challenge and achievement.

8. Ticket Prices

Due to rising costs and it was proposed to increase ticket prices to £10
including the booking fee; following further discussion it was proposed,
seconded and agreed to set ticket prices at £10 not including booking fee.
This brings the Society into line with other local societies. Cast but not
crew will continue to pay for scripts.

9. November 2023 Production

Jane Wilton will direct the next production, Breezeblock Park by Willy
Russell. It will be set in the round in a different Liverpool living room
for Act 1 and Act 2 at Christmas: Jane¹s intention is for as immersive an
experience as possible.

Following an extremely difficult decision-making process due to the great
turnout at auditions, she has secured the following cast:

Betty ­ Sonia Hardy

Sandra ­ Hebe Nicholls

Vera ­ Tracey Wilkinson

Tommy ­ Richard Whitehorn

Reeny ­ Cheryl Roberts

Ted ­ Paul Makinson

John ­ Martin Weston

Syd ­ TBC

Jane is pursuing several leads to finalise casting imminently and needs a
strong stage crew and other support to involve as many people as possible.

There will be an initial reading of the script and planning meeting the
function room of The Pattenmakers Arms, Duffield, on 25th July, the Hall
being used by the barn dancers on that evening.

10. Summer Programme

The Quiz held at Darley Abbey village hall was extremely successful and
enjoyable and we agreed on further quizzes.

We now pay a subscription to Derbyshire Libraries to borrow sets of scripts,
for play readings or auditions. Izzy volunteered to lead the next one.

We will also have a social meal and Cheryl will run a further wreth making

11. Jeremy Copestake

The Society was shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the sudden and
untimely death of Jeremy Copestake at the turn of the year. Jeremy made his
debut performance for Quads in our May 2022 production: his talent, warmth
and life-enhancing personality are missed enormously by us all.

12. Any Other Business

There was no other business.

Meeting closed at 9.25pm

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